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  • Davana Davana


    Artemisia pallens

    Davana Essential Oil Davana has a deep and fruity herbal scent and can give an interesting twist to many blends. Product Description Artemisia pallens Grown and distilled from the floweing herb in Tamil Nadu, India. This herb likes to grow near...
    from $19.00 - $97.00
  • Dill Herb Dill Herb

    Dill Herb

    Anethum graveolens

    Dill Essential Oil This essential oil is distilled from the aerial herb--uses are mainly digestive in the aromatherapy sense, but can also be used in perfumery to give an interesting note Product Description Anethum graveolens Apiaceae family Steam...
    from $9.00 - $25.00
  • Elemi Elemi


    Canarium luzonicum

    Elemi Essential Oil This oil is steam distilled from the oleoresin of wildcrafted trees in the Phillippines. It smells reminscent of frankincense but softer, lighter and a bit sweeter. Product Description Canarium luzonicum This oil has been wildcrafted...
    from $10.00 - $26.00
  • Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Blue Mallee

    Eucalyptus Blue Mallee

    Eucalyptus polybractea

    Eucalyptus polybractea Essential Oil Eucalyptus oil is great for the respiratory system adn this Polybractea is sweet and lovely. It has a very high cineole contenct, and is an excellent choice for your eucalyptus needs Product Information This...
    from $7.50 - $19.00
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Eucalyptus Globulus

    Eucalyptus Globulus

    Eucalyptus globulus

    Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil One of several oils from the eucalyptus family. All are indicated for respiratory uses. This one probably smells the most typical. Eucalyptus is great in the steam of a shower. Product Information Eucalyptus...
    from $6.50 - $14.50
  • Eucalyptus Lemon Eucalyptus Lemon

    Eucalyptus Lemon

    Eucalyptus citriodora

    Eucalyptus citriodora Essential Oil Also known as Lemon Eucalyptus. Super active, an odor profile similar to palmarosa-citronella, this oil is steam distilled from organically grown trees in Madagascar Product Information Eucalyptus...
    from $6.50 - $16.00
  • Eucalyptus Radiata Eucalyptus Radiata

    Eucalyptus Radiata

    Eucalyptus dives

    Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil This eucalyptus is also known as peppermint eucalyptus. It's steam distilled from organically grown trees in South Africa. Product Information Myrtaceae family Eucalyptus dives Organically grown and steam distilled in...
    from $9.50 - $26.00
  • Fennel, Sweet Fennel, Sweet

    Fennel, Sweet

    Foeniculum vulgare

    Sweet Fennel Essential Oil Used mainly in aromatherapy and gustatory applications, this oil is distilled from organically grown plants in Hungary. The scent is sweet-warm-earthy-peppery-spicy with a sweet clean dry out. Product Information Foeniculum...
    from $9.50 - $27.00
  • Fir, Balsam Fir, Balsam

    Fir, Balsam

    Abies balsamea

    Balsam fir Essential Oil Sweet and sparkling pine-y, fresh and spruce-like. Perfect with other evergreens, lavender, cistus, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc.Steam distilled from wild trees in Quebec Product Information Abies balsamea Pinaceae family Harvested...
    from $8.50 - $23.50
  • New
    Fir, Douglas Fir, Douglas

    Fir, Douglas

    Pseudotsuga menziesil

    Douglas Fir Essential Oil Distilled from the needles of wild harvested Pseudotsuga menziesil in New Zealand. As usual for firs, respiratory, and muscle strain are the first things that come to mind. This Douglas fir is sweeter and quite a bit different...
    from $18.00 - $50.00
  • Frangipani Absolute Frangipani Absolute

    Frangipani Absolute

    Plumeria alba

    Frangipani (Plumeria) absolute Solid, and difficult to work with, this absolute is a must for the perfumer's cabinet. The more in dicultion, the more the scent becomes recognizable Product Information Plumeria alba Southern India This is a "traditional"...
  • Frankincense Frankincense


    Boswellia sacra

    Frankincense Essential Oil Distilled by us, at our Omani frankincense distillery, this is truely a magnificent frankincense. Whatever you are moved to use it for--topically, in the air, as a flavor for milky sweets, it's the right decision. Product...
    from $25.00 - $145.00
  • Frankincense & Myrrh Codistillation Frankincense & Myrrh Codistillation

    Frankincense & Myrrh Codistillation

    Boswellia sacra & Commiphora myrrha

    Frankincense and Myrrh (Co-distilled) Essential Oil Truly unusual--we might be the only people producing this oil. It's a mix of resins, soaking and then being in the still together, with the additions of copper and fire, this is a powerful oil. Product...
    from $35.00 - $180.00

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