Our Store

Our New York Headquarters is located on fairly quiet and somewhat leafy West 13th Street in the Village. We've been open in several incarnations throughout the past 25 years, and look forward to our Bona Fide 25th Year Anniversary in Greenwich Village in 2022!

Due to COVID, obviously, we've changed our hours, and are closed two days a week now. We are open Thursday-Monday 11-6 pm.

We have a new website; as you can see. It's the best way overall, to order, if you can't make it to our tester board. It's usually impossible for us to answer the phone these days. We're sorry! We resisted automatic phone menus as long as we could! But we just can't manage it. You will receive a quicker answer if you send an email to info@enfleurage. We will try to call you back quickly, but if you're calling for hours, location, anything like that, you can find them here, or google maps, or even on our automatic message. Our first priorities are our customers in the store, and we won't answer the phone if we are helping people.

Also, there are some schools and lecturers who recommend their students come and sit, and try every oil, make notes, and then go buy cheaper versions online. We suggest, taking into account the huge variety of quality one finds online, that you ask your teacher about samples. We are not associated with any school,and our essential oils are absolutely not representational of what one finds online.

We are a very small store; there is only room for 2 people at the tester board, and we are still in a pandemic. So we reserve the right to enforce a 10 minute limit for the tester board. We are not a research facility, there is no room for 200 tester strips and your notebooks. We have people coming in all day, and they all need tester board access too.

We are as COVID safe as we can be. Enfleurage is interested in maintaining a safe and healthy space--you must wear your mask in the store, regardless of your vaccination status. If this is a problem or makes you angry, please shop online. We don't make exceptions for any reason. We will not hesitate to ask you to leave if you refuse to follow safety protocol. And we will not engage at length or debate it. No exceptions.