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Styrax benzoin resinoid.

Styrax is harvested in a similar way to frankincense, and, if you stretch it, in a fraternal way to agarwood. it's a jungle extraction, and the resinoid is considered a perfume fixative--sweet, warm and vanilla tones.

Product Information

Wildcrafted in Sumatra.

This is actually a resinoid tinctured in alcohol at 30% for pourability.

Benzoin resin is extracted in a similar way to frankincense. A scraping is made in the tree trunk and the exudate slowly presents itself, slowly hardening as it meets air. This is benzoin resin. In fact, benzoin was referred to as the “Frankincense of the East” by the Arab traders who originally brought it to Europe. The name in Arabic, luban jawi, which means Incense of Java gradually metamorphosed into Gum Benjamin or gum benzoin.

Amber like, warm, sweet, with a vanilla powder note.

Benzoin is known to be a fixative in perfumery and a preservative in cosmetics. Blends especially well with altas cedar, cistus, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, and vetiver

Japanese Garden

Dry garden. Stone and thought. And sky and quietness.
Beyond the wall a tree that twists its gnarly trunk.
In me there's no beyond. And all thinks and all weighs.
A point where certainty may reconcile with luck,

Where colour vanishes and fades into absence
Where speech unites with void which abolishes it.
I am aware of naught but a benzoin scent.
Down to the depths of dream just a murmur that drifts.

Further away from me than the stars is that line
Over which there is no ferry to carry me.
I shall be able to invent a space of mine
Or never get over this stone boundary.
Michel Galiana

Major constituents

Benzyl benzoate, Cinnamic acid, Benzoic acid, cinnamyl benzoate

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3 Reviews

Emmanuel 31st Jan 2022

Benzoin Styrax benzoin

It has a sweet vanilla custard-like aroma that comforts and grounds you. When combined properly, this benzoin will transform your synergy into a deliciously beautiful aroma.

Khadija Fajry 16th May 2020

Exquisite Essential Oil

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