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White Camphor EO - Cinnamonium camphora. Hon-sho (true camphor). Organic, Madagascar.

"A tall ever green tree with large glossy green leaves. It is native to China, Japan & Taiwan, but has now been introduced to many other countries... Without a doubt, oils from C. amphora have caused much confusion, & the nomenclature remains in dispute. Depending on its origin, oil from C. amphora has been referred to as:

Hon-sho (true camphor) - this is the camphor chemotype from the wood.

Ravintsara - this is the 1,8-cineole chemotype, from the leaf from Madagascar.

Ho leaf oil (ho-sho) - this is the linalool chemotype from the leaf.

White Camphor EO is a clear mobile fluid with a fresh, sharp camphoraceous odor.

Actions supported by clinical studies: antibacterial, antifungal, antinociceptive, antitussive, expectorant.

Musculoskeletal system - White camphor oil is recommended for arthritis, aches & pains, rheumatism & sprains.

Respiratory system - Recommended for the relief of respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, coughs, colds & flu.

Skin care - Recommended for use in skin care for treating acne, inflammations & oily skin problems. Not to be used in pregnancy as it crosses the placental barrier." (Battaglia)

Skin sensitization if oxidized. Avoid old or oxidized oils. Do not use while pregnant.

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