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Satureja montana

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Savory, Winter Satureja montana Harvested and steam distilled in France from wild plants This savory is more often found in the wild and it's a little milder th…
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latin-name: Satureja montana
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Savory, Winter

Satureja montana

Harvested and steam distilled in France from wild plants

This savory is more often found in the wild and it's a little milder than the garden, or Summer savory.

There are two Savory oils; winter and summer.

They are closely related and both belong to the Satureja genus (Labiatae family)

Aromatherapy uses are similar too—and similar to oregano and thyme. Deciding on a savory is a matter of personal choice.


Arctander says

Savory oil is a pale yellow or almost colorless liquid of fresh medicinal-spicy odor, reminiscent of sage and thyme, but with a sharpness recalling that of cumin oil, although not distinctly green. The dry-out is rather phenolic-harsh. The real strength for savories is as a flavor, but then only in very low concentrations. It can also be used in perfumery—in compositions of the forest-type, chypres, fougères, or as a modifier in lavender bouquests and colognes with citrus oils and oakmoss. It blends well with rosemary, lavender, pines, etc.

Jeanne Rose says

Use as a general tonic, stimulant, pain relieving, circulatory tonic, antibacterial. –375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols


Summer Savory

Satureja hortensis

This wonderful summer savory is from the South of France. It's usually cultivated (rather than wild) and it a delightful herb with potatoes.

Caution - this oils is a little harsher than the Winter Savory. 

Caution with this oil, though. Use for a short time only and in very small doses. Infintesimal doses even. Probably better not to even go near it if you don't have experience and education with oils. Don't take this one internally. It can be hard on the liver. And not for children at all. Not for pregnant women, don't use directly on the skin and don't do inhalations with savory.



Safety Warning

As with most essential oils, dilute before using on skin. Perform a patch test before use if essential oil sensitivity is suspected. Do not take essential oils internally. Do not use on children or pets. Seek advice from a trained aromatherapist before using on people with compromised immune systems. Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes.
Enfleurage makes no medical claims relating to any products, essential oils or otherwise, on our website or through social media. We are an essential oil company, not doctors, The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. We present our information in order to educate our customers on traditional and general uses of essential oils; in no way do we diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or condition.
You the customer are responsible for understanding the safe use of any and all of our products, including essential oils, and use them accordingly.

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