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Artemesia vulgaris


Steam distilled

Organically grown

There’s a lot of confusion about the various Artemisias. They tend to grow all over the temperate and cold-temperate zones of the planet. The origin seems to be eastern Europe and the Near East.


Arctander says:

Essential oil of Artemisia vulgaris is a pale yellow to almost colorless liquid. The odor is powerful, fresh-camphoraceous, somewhat green and bitter-sweet, with a cedarleaf-like topnote and a rosemary-sage-like bodynote. The drydown is very pleasant, sweet-herbaceous and tealike.

The flavor is warm, almost pungent, but also bitter-sweet, showing a slightly cooling effect in higher dilution.


He goes on to say

It should be kept in mind that there are numerous types of this oil on the market, and that wide variations in odor and flavor can be expected depending on the origin of the oil.

For perfumery uses, the essential oil is used to impart freshness and warmth to lavender-colognes, chypres, fougères, pine fragrances, etc. Artemisia vulgaris blends well with oakmoss, patchouli, rosemary, lavandin, pine needle, clary sage, rosemary, and it’s stable in soaps. It also has a great tenacity.  



Artemisia Path

Curling bell in the morning, artemisia path winding
Whistling autumn drizzle, willow smoke light
Glance back China, mountains and rivers beautiful
Raise head to blue sky, stars and moon bright

Quatrain & Translation by Luo Zhihai (1954-, China)


As with most essential oils, dilute before using on skin. Perform a patch test before use if essential oil sensitivity is suspected. Do not take essential oils internally. Do not use on children or pets. Seek advice from a trained aromatherapist before using on people with compromised immune systems. Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes.
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