Geranium Absolute, Egypt

Pelargonium graveolens

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Geranium absolute Grown and solvent extracted in Egypt from certified organic plants, and geranium concrète. This is a luscious, rich oil, and different …
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latin-name: Pelargonium graveolens
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Geranium absolute

Grown and solvent extracted in Egypt from certified organic plants, and geranium concrète. This is a luscious, rich oil, and different from the essential oil, as it contains aromatic notes not necessarily found in the essential ols. This is a necessary addition to your perfume ingredient collection.

Product Description

Pelargonium graveolens and/or subspecies

Geraniaceae family

Grown and solvent extracted in Egypt from certified organic plants, and geranium concrète.

Geranium should be called the balancing oil, as that is how it manifests itself.

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens ssp.) is a very important absolute in perfumery. She comes from the leaves and flowers and all oils come from cultivated plants.

Geranium essential oils and absolutes are extracted around the world and the epicenter has changed as the years pass, economies fluctuate, and politics come into play. The French island of La Réunion was long the centre for geranium production. Algeria, Morocco, Congo, France, Egypt, Central America, both East and West Africa, southern Europe, India, Russia, Japan, these localities have all flirted with big time geranium production. Perhaps we can infer geranium is the flower of dreams. Our geranium is from Egypt.

Originally from South Africa, and brought to Europe for cultivation in the 17th century, geraniums have been a ubiquitous part of gardens ever since. They are easy to grow, and thrive in window boxes and tiny apartment gardens; they are hardy, beautiful and they smell great. There’s a variety of different geranium scents, depending on the subspecies, like pineapple, chocolate mint, and lemon. The aroma of geranium will vary depending on geographical location as well as type. Most of these exotics are what you’ll find in a nursery, or garden shop, and most likely your absolute will be from rose geranium, which is a hybrid of P. graveolens, P. capititum, and P. radens. If you’re really interested in the cultivation of geranium, the subspecies, the variety of scents, etc, and why not, as it’s very large and interesting botanical world, there is plenty of information surrounding geraniums.

This absolute is indicated more toward perfumery than for aromatherapy uses.

Let's see what Arctander says:

Geranium absolute is usually a green or dark green liquid with an intense, and very powerful, somewhat leafy-earthy, but soft and pleasant odor. The leafy green notes are quite pronounced, but the rich, rosy-minty undertone remains on a blotter throughout the evaporation of the oil. The odor of the absolute is less sharp but more tenacious than that of the essential oil.

Geranium absolute is used in perfumery, particularly in high-class rose bases, chypres, fantasy perfumes, etc; a beautiful, juicy, heart note for the natural perfumer. Try blending with:

carnation, rose absolute, violet leaf, ylang ylang


Safety Warning

As with most essential oils, dilute before using on skin. Perform a patch test before use if essential oil sensitivity is suspected. Do not take essential oils internally. Do not use on children or pets. Seek advice from a trained aromatherapist before using on people with compromised immune systems. Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes.
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