Do It Yourself

This is something many people practice, and it's super fun to do; plus you're sure to know what's actually in it! It also costs a lot less than branded personal care. And you can make presents or start your own range of products, or not, as you like! There is literally no down side to making your own skin care.

Depending on where you live, you will have access to different botanicals in their raw forms, and can buy plenty of locally harvested things from your neighborhood farmers market, and for plants that grow further away, there are organic stores (for your aloe, dear,) and online sources for botanicals that have been extracted for you. Of course I'm talking about essential oils, vegetable and nut oils, hydrosols....

DIY means exactly that--Do it Yourself. What you make and how you make it is up to you. It's attainable by definition. And we can help you with your oils--essential and fixed. And those hydrosols too. After all, where else can you find frankincense and myrrh water? This is all about following your creative urges, making some fun, important, yet not earth-shattering decisions, and treating yourself (and maybe your friends) to something wonderful, nourishing, natural, and lovely.

Whether you quickly mix up a batch of clay mask to use this minute, or craft all your holiday gifts, you can do it all, enjoy blissful aromatics, and feel great doing it. And, especially after the last two years, that's really important.

Please remember though, that we are not a DIY site--and you should follow all safety measures that your recipe indicates, and avoid your eyes, or ingesting your ingredients. Enfleurage assumes no responsibility for unsafe practices, overuse, allergic responses, or any chaos from using our, or any other botanical ingredients.