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Coffea arabica

Green Coffee Oil is cold-pressed from organically grown coffee beans and harvested while they are still green.

The oil is light, green colored and has a light scent, but herbal, not like coffee. Green Coffee Oil is a great addition to your skin care regime as it contians high amounts of anti-oxidents, fatty acids and phytosterols, making it an excellent oil for moisture retention and fast penetration. Due to its pH level's similarlty with human skin, it's also a balancing oil, good for all skin types, but particularly good for aging and tired, abused skin.

Use this oil either undiluterd, or in 5% and up dilution. It's a valuable additin  to skincare for lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and loose, sagging skin. It's beneficial for skin disorders such as acne, scaling, and dead skin that cold use detoxification. It will leave a light and silky feel, not oily.

Its anti-inflammatory properties make Green Coffee Oil a necessity in eye creams and serums to reduce puffiness. 
Perhaps Green Coffee Oil is most known for its actions treating sun damage and cellulite.

Green Coffee Oil is considered one of the best free radical scavengers, with effective prophylactic and therapeutic properties.

As with any botanical product Generally Regarded As Safe, (GRAS,) there is always the chance of a minor skin reaction. Therefore, it's a good idea to perform a patch test first.

Comes in a 2 oz/60 ml glass pump bottle

1 Review

Myrna 8th May 2020

Green Coffee Bean! Who Would Have Thought?

Enfleurage is my go to place for carrier oils and essential oils. I am always complimented on my clean, fresh fragrance, thanks to the their oils and my secret blend. Due to this quarantine, Enfleurage has been closed and I had to go on line. Well, I encountered this gem, I read about its benefits and placed an order. I only use this on my face (including eye area) and neck. Three pumps is sufficient; I massage my face and neck and the oil spreads easily. Leaves my skin smooth, without any oily residue, it has tightened my pores (they’re almost invisible) and I love that it’s natural. I will definitively buy this again and again and again.

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