Green Tea Water

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Green Tea Water

Camellia sinensis

Comes in 4 oz/120 ml amber glass spray bottles

Distilling plants gives you two products: essential oil and hydrosol. Hydrosol contains the water soluble micro-particles. Hydrosols are aromatic and active. They are great for skincare. They mix easily with water, they're milder, for babies and sensitive skin. They're used in flavoring, and not so strong as essential oils. A more subtle approach to aromatherapy. As a toner, use after cleansing, and before moisturizing.

Hydrosols are fantastic coolers during the summer months. You can keep them in the refrigerator if you like, and mist your face when you come in from a hot and annoying day in the city. Take them to the gym.Tonic, soothing, purifying, anti-oxydant

Our green tea hydrosol is organically cultivated in China and distilled in France


3 Reviews

NYKay 7th Nov 2020

Lovely and uplifting!

A sharper green than neroli, the brightness and juiciness of grapefruit shines through followed by a gentle floral aroma. It really is an unbelievable bargain. So glad that Tom suggested that I purchase it!

Matthew Paolucci 29th Oct 2020

Can't afford Neroli? Get this!!

I have not seen this oil anywhere. It is gorgeous. Fresh sunlight floral that is right on the same line as the haunting beauty of neroli but at a much lower cost. Enftleurage, you have some of the most beautiful oils that I have ever smelled.

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