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Cocos nucifera

Our fractionated Coconut oil (FCO) is pressed from coconuts but has undergone further processing, removing the long chain triglycerides via steam distillation and hydrolysis, leaving the medium chain triglycerides (caprylic and capric acid) and fatty acids. This is also known as MCT oil.

Because the long chain fatty acids have been removed, fractionated coconut oil does not solidify, as one sees with virgin coconut oil. There is also no coconut smell. This is a light and very stable oil, liquid, colorless, non-greasy, and very moisturizing.

It's excellent as a carrier for essential oils, and as a massage oil. You can use it in tandem with other oils for skin and body care, highly moisturizing for both skin and hair.

Please realize that this is not a virgin oil--it is not a whole oil--it has undergone processing to give it the qualities we desire, which are no scent, light feel, and longevity.

FCO is soluble in alcohol in low dilution, and is soluble in other carrier oils too, of course.

As with all natural botanicals Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), there is a chance for a skin reaction. If you suspect there might be an allergy, it's a good idea to perform a patch test before using, especially if using on the entire body, i.e. as massage oil.

Comes in an 4 oz/120 ml bottle with pump

2 Reviews

amy Warshaw 4th Feb 2021

it is my number one

All fractionated coconut oils are NOT the same. This product truly is more than I expected. I used a friends oil and the nourishment t and lack of heaviness sold me. Especially during this winter my skin is nourished, radiant and welcoming to the touch



Perfect to use as a carrier oil and inexpensive

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