White Flowers

Are you one of those people who just wants to smother yourself in jasmine? Is your favorite perfume a string of sambac blossoms? Do you have gardenias strategically planted along your walk to ease your comings and goings? Are you someone who dreams in tuberose? Are you a floral freak, a fanatic, a fiendish follower of flowers?

Sometimes our hearts crave the soft and sweet reality of blooming flowers, as they grow, as they are connected to the earth. No matter how delicious an absolute, how enticing an essential oil, sometimes we just need to sit with the flowers themselves. Maybe we get a different connection to these floral beauties when we ask the blossoms themselves to directly sing to our souls?

The only way is through enfleurage. No extraction, no boiling, no distilling, no nothing, just a gentle capture of aromatic molecules. Apart from our beautiful Lilac, from upstate New York, our enfleurages are Colombian, all grown under organic certification. You can find them individually here: gardenia, tuberose, jasmine.

Tom was obsessed for years with these, and finally combined them, to make our White Flowers roll-on. This is offered exclusively in a roll-on, so it’s comparatively affordable, completely delicious, and easy to tuck into your pocket or purse, for whatever emergencies can be dealt with by jasmine, tuberose and gardenia.

Does not come with a bib, sorry.