Jasmine Enfleurage

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Jasmine Enfleurage

Jasmine polyanthum 

Enfleurage extraction in Colombia using organically grown jasmine flowers.

This process doesn’t use an animal productions; it’s a modern Enfleurage. The fat is local, Colombian palm oil, sustainably and organically grown. The oil is then extracted using organic ethanol.

Soft, sweet, floral scent.  She is also known as "Pink Jasmine" from her pink buds, although like all species of Jasmine, the flowers are white. The flowers are highly aromatic. This jasmine is native to China and Myanmar. It’s a popular garden plant in southern California and across the southern United States, where it’s often found as a vine or climber.

Arctander writes about different jasmines but apparently only Jasmine officinalis?He doesn’t mention different species. He does talk about different extraction methods of obtaining absolute though, including one from chassis and one from pomade. Our jasmine is absolute made from pomade, but the species is Jasmine polyanthum.

He describes the process but I will not include the odor description here as it’s for a different species of Jasmine with a higher indole content—the oil smells exactly like the fresh jasmine flowers. Very floral and rich sweet, with very little indolic note but a green backdrop and a water-like green back-note.

This is as rare and very special oil, for jasmine flower lovers


my cup full


my cup full

of shimmering moon

a late stroll

lingering a moment

to smell the jasmine...

--Charles Henderson


Safety warning!

Don’t use neat on skin, don’t use neat in the bath, never use on children or pets. A skin patch test is recommended if essential oil sensitivity is suspected. Not for use in pregnancy.

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2 Reviews

16th Jun 2020

Strong and Pure

Strong and Pure Palo Santo Oil. Perfect for heat diffusing or perfuming the skin if you do not want to burn the actual wood like I do not for smoke reasons.

James Peterson 29th Aug 2019

The Jasmin of Jasmins

Oh my. I love jasmin absolute from many sources, but this has a thick jammy quality that I almost want to eat. I bought some to have it on hand in case you ever stop getting it. It is indeed precious.

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