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Pimpinella anisum

Umbelliferae family

Steam distilled in Egypt from aniseeds.

Anise is native to the Mediterannean and much loved and enjoyed there, both for its flavor and its digestive benefits, which are widely recognized. People often refer to it as a licorice scent, but it's technically not: licorice is extracted from the rhizome of Glycyrrhiza glabra and flavored with........aniseed!

The high rate of digestability associated with anise can be found in the number and variety of liquors made from it: Raki (Turkey), Ouzo (Greece), Pernod (France), Aquavit (Scandanavia), Arak (Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Turkey), Aguardiente (Colombia), Absinthe (Europe), Mastika (Balkans), Sambuca  (Italy), Xtabentún (Mexicco) and Anis (Spain.)


The flavor of anise matches the scent, it's rich and unique, yet sweet, soft and mild. It sweetens, as it flavors. You find it in candy, cough drops, baked goods, pickles, tobacco blends, etc. Also, very importantly, anise masks unpleasant and rancid odors, often in the company of orange.

Sweet Anise

wrinkled cloth on a tiny wooden chair
hidden behind the sky like a paper mask
soft and blue as a Daphne bush
in coal black whispering sweet anise
jasper & jasmine orbs
afloat, aloft
unmoored as anchors
casting sails into sun-stricken skies
Tyler Mason

From Arctander

Anise seed oil is water white to pale yellow of intensely sweet and clean odor, very true to the odor of the fruit (seeds) themselves.

From Battaglia

Aromatherapeutic uses include

Digestive system as a carminative, anti-spasmodic and digestive

Respiratory system as an expectorant and anti-spasmodic

He says the expectorant actions of anise are superior to other seeds like fennel or caraway, but the carminitive effect is better for fennel and caraway.

Blends well with eucalypti, peppermint, sweet fennel, pine, frankincense, citruses, ginger and cardamom,

Safety warning!

Don’t use this oil if pregnant and do not use on children or persons undergoing a surgical procedure.

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