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Explore our curated natural essences, crafted for well-being and purity.

Essential Oils
Essential Oils

Pure botanical extracts, distilled to capture nature's healing essence.


Time-honored resin, sourced for its meditative and restorative properties.

Our Blends
Our Blends

Harmoniously mixed essences, designed to balance, invigorate, and soothe.

Skin and Body
Skin and Body

Luxurious, plant-based formulations for nourishing and revitalizing skin care.

Discover Our Essence

For over 25 years, Enfleurage has been a beacon of authenticity in the world of essential oils. Our approach is holistic, free from the trappings of multi-level marketing. We don't believe in membership fees, minimums, or high-pressure sales tactics. And your personal information? It stays confidential. With us, it's only about the purest aromatics.

  • Celebrating over 25 years of delivering nature's finest essential oils.
  • Nurturing close ties with the best small distilleries worldwide.
  • Expertly crafting our renowned frankincense in Oman for over a decade.
  • Our knowledgeable staff provide insightful advice for holistic aromatic well-being.
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Embrace Nature's Alchemy

Embrace Nature's Alchemy

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Explorations in the Art and Science of Aromatics

4th Mar 2024

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12th Jul 2023

Availability of Some Natural Essential Oils under Threat.

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6th Jun 2023

​Plant Neurobiology

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21st May 2023

About GC/MS

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What people are saying...

Visited Enfleurage in NY and was thoroughly impressed. Their commitment to authentic, synthetic-free essential oils is remarkable. The Sage Smudge Wand and Frankincense and Myrrh Concentrate are exceptional. The knowledgeable staff enhances the shopping experience, making it not just a purchase but an educational journey into natural scents. Enfleurage is a must-visit for anyone interested in quality, natural aromatherapy.

Lana M.

I've been going the Enfluerage NYC for almost 20 years. They have rare-to-find oils (Blue Lotus this past summer & violet leaves from upstate!) I know for certain they sell REAL ESSENTIAL OILS because I still have a bottle of Petti Grain Sur Fleur from my first visit there and it is still perfect! The perfumes are actually really "natural" which is basically non existent in the world.The packaging is gorgeous as well!

Freya F.

No place like it, an absolute gem! When I can’t get to the store I order online. They have the best essential oils and products. You can not beat the quality, thoroughness and effort here. They truly care about the products they offer and it’s honestly a joy to buy from here. This is a store I hope to always be able to visit.

Emily B.

Great oil blends, they truly go the extra mile for sourcing and ensuring high quality. Recommended!

Chloe C.