Sleep Pillow Spray

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Customers have been asking us for a pillow/linen spray and here it is! SLEEP Pillow Spray. We selected the oils on the basis of what we found to be the most relaxing. Paving the way for a restful night. Knock yourself out!

A few sprays on your pillow and sheets can help usher you into your dreams. Will not stain bedding. Safe to apply topically as well. 

Lavender, mandarin, marjoram, chamomile, palmarosa, ylang ylang, and vetiver oh my! 

Nighty Night! 

50ml - essential oils in a base of organic alcohol.

We created our first essential oil blends in 1996! And are proud so many have stood the test of time. Please note that we are not diagnosing or treating any diseases. We highly recommend any of the excellent books available on essential oil research, if this interests you. 

1 Review

Jessi 25th Nov 2023

In love

This pillow spray is delicate and unexpectedly complex. I look forward to using this every night. A must have.

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