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  • Essential Oil Starter Kit
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    Essential Oil Starter Kit

    Essential Oil Starter Kit Ten of the top organic essential oils in a durable lightweight travel case. 10% off the total price. Includes: Atlas Cedar 10ml Clary Sage 10ml Eucalyptus Radiata 10ml Geranium 10ml Lavender 10ml Lemon 10ml Sweet Orange...
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  • Rose Eau de Perfume
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    Rose Eau de Perfume

    ROSE A beautiful blend of four Roses in a bouquet of delicate flowers. Rose—a blend of 4 exquisite pink and white roses from Azerbaijan, Morocco, and Bulgaria, accompanied by spicy pink peppercorns and flowers. All of our perfumes are made at...
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Our Dedication to Purity and Quality

We are not multi-level marketing-our approach is holistic. No membership fees, minimums, or hard sells and we won’t share your information. Just straight-up aromatics.

  • 25+ Years of Expertise

    A quarter-century at the forefront of delivering pure, artisan-crafted essential oils.

  • Global Artisanal Partnerships

    Deep-rooted connections with small-scale distilleries around the globe.

  • Omani Frankincense Distillery

    Over a decade of distilling premium frankincense, honoring tradition and quality.

  • Educated and Ethical Staff

    Knowledgeable in aromatherapy, perfumery, and ethical sourcing, our staff guide with integrity and expertise.

Embrace Nature's Alchemy

Embrace Nature's Alchemy

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