Serene Spirit Roll on

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Here are all our favorite roots and woods combined to make a earthen pull to rootedness, just what we need when we're overcome with emotions, fantasties, depression, and unproductive, unpleasant flights of fancy. Grounding and centering--this blend combines earthiness with deepness of spirit--oud, frankincense, vetiver, sandalwood etc

Easy and handy to have with you day when you want to just get a grip, in a base of pure golden jojoba oil.

Comes in a .3 oz/10 ml roller

3 Reviews

Cecilia 13th Oct 2023

Serene Spirit roll on

Earthy and very grounding: an utterly unique blend. The galbanum, oud, and agar give it a marvelous tenacity and add to the unfolding layers of the dry down. Excellent!

22nd Apr 2020

beautiful lavender

Hard to go wrong with lavender. This particular one is incredible, highly recommend.

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