Oudh Eau de Perfume

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Our Oud Perfume is Dark and Mysterious. A sensual blend of rare Oud, Sandalwood, and Tobacco and other aromatics. 

Oud—Sustainably harvested Lao Agarwood forms the heart of this beautiful bouquet of woods, along with organically grown Sri Lankan Sandalwood and Indian Nagamotha.

All of our perfumes are made at parfum concentration in organic alcohol from Oregon.

Comes in 1 oz/30ml glass spray bottle with black velvet bag

1 Review

Rosemary 22nd Nov 2020

Wonderfully intriguing!

Marjoram is a curious oil. It has a hint of mint but with an undertone that is slightly grassy. I have found it blends well with Ylang Ylang and Patchouli.

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