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Simmondsia sinesis

Buxaceae family

Jojoba is technically not an oil but a wax, all liquid esters, and long chain fatty acids and long chain fatty alcohols. It's also known as goatnut and coffee berry but this is just for information and I'm just going to refer to it as oil for ease. It's a very stable oil

The plant is a perennial shrub that happily grows in almost-desert, meaning Mexican/California/Arizona desert, where they are native. It's now cultivated in similar terrains and climates around the world like Israel, Argentina, Peru and Australia but it does actually like water, so it's not really a desert being, although it does like the heat.

Therapeutic properties which are generlaly recognized, although not necessarily recommended by us, include

eczema, psoriasis, dry scalp

sunburn and chapped skin, diaper rash

arthritis and rheumatism--the consistuent myristic acid considered anti-inflammatory

structure similar to that of skin sebum, and therefore good for oily skin and possibly against acne

highly absorbant

Cosmetic use

hair conditioner

after waxing or shaving-all skin types

replaces many waxes for balms including lip balm. 

However, it won't harden like beeswax without processing.

Non greasy and is a good lubricant, will replace petroleum wax.

This is a good oil to use either as a base, or in an even ratio with sweet almond, coconut, or apricot kernel

As with any oil Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), there is always a small chance of allergy or reaction. If you think this might be a possibility, it's best to do a patch test before using all over the body.

Comes in an 4 oz bottle with pump

7 Reviews

Deirdra R Kearney 16th Sep 2022

Role of Carrier Oils

As most essential oils require the protective use of carrier oils, Jojoba Oil has always been one of my favorites. Excellent and soothing to the skin, one can't go wrong with this product as an addition to use with your essential oil products. Enfleurage's 4 ounce glass bottle comes with a pump. Very handy.

13th Feb 2021


Love this oil and so does my skin. And greatly appreciate the clean, healthy, and sustainable packaging. Both of the product and the shipping materials.

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