Jasmine Eau de Perfume

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Our Jasmine Perfume is a delicious blend of three Jasmines from around the world. Brought together in a floral harmony.

Jasmine—Three of the most mesmerizing jasmines from Tamil Nadu and Colombia are highlighted by glorious deep floral notes from French Iris and Orchids from the Indian Ocean. Shimmering and exquisite

All of our perfumes are made at parfum concentration in certified organic alcohol from Oregon.

1 oz/30ml glass spray bottles with black velvet gift bag.

2 Reviews

Ken Grossman 5th Aug 2021

Ah The Red Mandarin

Trygve has the sweetest red Mandarin in the land, I have tried others. Not even close.

Billie Steigerwald 28th Jan 2021


Red Mandarin is one of my all time favorite essential oils. The top note includes a quality that is difficult to describe: although sometimes it is described as being a tiny bit fishy, to me it is something quite different, more like a subtle, dry, aromatic aroma you'd pick up from corn silk or flower pollen. Overall, this oil has such a wonderful, refreshing quality, it evokes the experience of being in a lush tropical garden at night. I've found that it blends very well with Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Orris Root.

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