Essential Oils / Absolutes

Essential Oils / Absolutes

Browse our extensive collection of essential oils and absolutes sourced directly from farms and distillers around the world.  We buy organic and wildcrafted whenever possible, and otherwise rely mainly on small family farms, local gatherers, and small cottage industries. All 2 ml. essential oils & absolutes come in a tamper proof 5ml. bottle

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  • Lavender, Spike Lavender, Spike

    Lavender, Spike

    Lavandula latifolia

    Spike Lavender Essential Oil This lavender is excellent for aromatherapy; it's got a camphoreous, pungent note. Not the choice for flavor, but excellent for aromatherapy muscular blends . Product Information Lavandula latifolia--essential oil of spike...
    from $9.66 - $25.75
  • Lavender, Wild Alpine Lavender, Wild Alpine

    Lavender, Wild Alpine

    Lavandula angustifolia

    Lavender Wild, Alpine Essential Oil Our extra special lavender oil--wild crafted at 1800 metres and hand cut, distilled in small batches. Gorgeous, and good in flavor, perfumery and aromatherapy. Product Information Lavandula angustifolia Our lavenders...
    from $23.00 - $64.39
  • Lemon Lemon


    Citrus limonum

    Lemon Peel Essential Oil Cold pressed oil, suitable for perfume, flavor and aromatherapy. Pressed from the peels of organic fruit, so less worry.. Product Information Citrus limonum Rutaceae family Cold pressed in Italy from the peel of organically grown...
    from $8.28 - $23.91
  • Lemongrass Lemongrass


    Cymbopogan flexosus

    Lemongrass Essential Oil Splendid addition to ambient, skincare, perfume blends, and handy as a flavor, too. Grown and distilled in Sri Lanka from organic plants Product Information Cymbopogan flexosus Grown and distilled in Sri Lanka from organically...
    from $5.52 - $14.72
  • Lime Lime


    Citrus aurantium

    Lime Peel Essential Oil Delicious, mouth-watering lime, pressed from the peel of organically grown fruit, in Mexico Product Information Citrus aurantium Swingle Rutaceae family Unripe fruit is organically grown and pressed in Mexico. All citrus have...
    from $9.20 - $25.75
  • Lotus Absolute, White Lotus Absolute, White

    Lotus Absolute, White

    Nelumbo nucifera

    White Lotus Absolute Large and wild floral. Lotus is traditionally associated with purity of spirit and devotion. The white lotus also has an affinity with learning, wisdom. Product Information Nelumbo nucifera (White Lotus) White solvent extracted from...
  • Magnolia Magnolia


    Michelia Alba

    Michelia Alba White Magnolia China distilled There's a bunch of confusion between this oil and Champaka, and I'm included here. But although both are Michelia, they vary enough in the species to offer both. According to Arctander In 1961, China was...
    from $27.59 - $156.37
  • Mandarin, Green Mandarin, Green

    Mandarin, Green

    Citrus reticulata

    Mandarin Peel Citrus reticulata Grown and pressed from the organically grown fruit (peels) in Italy This is Green Mandarin Mandarins are native to China and are now available around the world, as they are happy to grow in many climates and adapt easily...
    from $7.36 - $19.32
  • Mandarin, red Mandarin, red

    Mandarin, red

    Citrus reticulata

    Mandarin Peel Citrus reticulata Grown and pressed from the organically grown fruit (peels) in Italy This is Red Mandarin Mandarins are native to China and are now available around the world, as they are happy to grow in many climates and adapt easily...
    from $9.20 - $26.21
  • Mango Leaf Absolute Mango Leaf Absolute

    Mango Leaf Absolute

    Mangifera indica

    Mango Leaf Absolute Mangifera indica.  Solvent extracted absolute (through concrete) from leaves in Egypt. Please note this is a very thick absolute, and it's made from the leaves, not the fruit, so it’s much more complex than a...
    from $19.32 - $55.19
  • Manuka Manuka


    Leptospermum scoparium

    Manuka Aka New Zealand Tea Tree Leptospermum scoparium Steam distilled from twigs and leaves of wild plants in New Zealand Manuka oil is a pale yellow to colorless liquid with a fresh and herbaceous and somewhat spicy odor. Manuka is not really a star of...
    from $23.91 - $128.77
  • Marjoram Marjoram


    Origanum marjorana

    Sweet Marjoram Origanum marjorana, Marjorana hortensis Labiatae family (lamiaceae) Grown and distilled in Egypt from organically grown herbs. This herb is native to the Mediterranean and is commercially cultivated throughout the world. It’s used a...
    from $18.40 - $49.67
  • May Chang May Chang

    May Chang

    Litsea cubeba

    May Chang Litsea cubeba Lauraceae family Harvested and distilled in Vietnam from the fruit and flowers of organically grown trees Known throughout the ages for its fragrant flowers, fruits and leaves, the essential oil is comparatively new. The tree is...
    from $6.44 - $16.56
  • Melissa Melissa


    Melissa Melissa officinalis Labiateae Family (Lamiaceae) Also called Lemon Balm Organically grown and steam distilled in Bulgaria from organically grown herbs. One of the hardest high quality essential oils to find. Melissa is "lemony" but more in the...
    from $22.08 - $109.46
  • Mimosa Absolute Mimosa Absolute

    Mimosa Absolute

    Acacia decurrens

    Product Description Acacia decurrens. Grown and solvent extracted in Morocco--further extraction from concrete in France. Absolute diluted 50% in pure ethanol. Sweet Mimosa ~To hold as 't were, the mirror up to nature… How sweet the...
    from $20.24 - $38.63

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