Enfleurage Middle East, LLC


In 2011 we opened our own small production facility in Salalah, Oman. We hydro-distill in copper alembics hand hammered in Portugal, and started with just 1. After some time we went to 5, and now we have 10 in a closed hydro-distillation system. We moved to Muscat in 2017.

Our system is gravity fed and everything is recycled--cooling water, detrius, etc. Our electricity consumption is minimal. Our system was built in-house.

We have an excellent, fresh, fragrant and reliable supply of fresh gum from the mountains behind Salalah.

Our process is simple, but very effective, and we understand the alchemy quite well now, after 10 years.

We make essential oil, hydrosol, and powder. We also make a co-distillation of frankincense and Somali myrrh every year.

We can ship world wide from Dubai via Qatar Air Cargo and DHL. For orders within the United States, it's UPS ground.

Please visit our distillery website enfleurage.me to see more. Or contact Trygve at the numbers below

Whatsapp +971527923772


Enfleurage Middle East, LLC was the original home of frankincense ice cream, hard candy, and truffles. We do not have a store in Muscat, but our frankincense can be found at Alila Hotel Spa Jebel al Akhtar.