Citrus Cheer Roll on

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Citrus Cheer Roll-on

Our oldest, most original, and still best selling blend--completely OG, and in a roll-on. If you already know our Citrus Cheer, you need no further explanation, and if not, it's flowers and citrus, to the nth degree, and available as a roll-on. Pure perfection

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This is our most mature, and long-livingest blend, available in a roll on, so you never have to be without it. It’s a cheerful, beautiful and delightful blend of jasmine and neroli in a melange of citrus--happiness in a bottle. This is absolutely our most popular blend. Escape into bliss. Also contains bergamot, orange and mandarin in a base of pure jojoba oil

Fruits, neroli, and jojoba are all made from organically grown plant material

comes in .3 oz/10 ml roller

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