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Swift Lighting Charcoal

Hold a charcoal disk using tongs, and light it either on a gas stove or using a lighter while holding it over the charcoal burner or a sink. Don't hold it over carpet or anything flammable as it may sputter and spark a bit.

Once it catches, you can set it down in the burner and give it a minute--it will light completely and become an ember--perfect for burning your favorite wood or resin. 

10 disks per roll

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Swift Lighting Charcoal


1 Review

Lis 12th Dec 2019

The smell is disagreeable, but I feel different

I bought this oil for my father who had fallen ill. We diffuse it in our shared living space, and it has been working well to help him cough up the hardened mucus in his lungs. It definitely creates a feeling of calm for me though I do not love the smell of it.

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