Perfumery Master Class with Christophe Laudamiel

Many of you are already fans or friends of Christophe Laudamiel; and you might already know about his Patreon Page, but if not, then a new world is about to open up for you. Rather than try to explain Christophe here, I’ll point you to his atelier, The Zoo, right here in Greenwich Village, NYC,

And here is his Instagram

Briefly, Christophe is a master perfumer, and more. He’s a chemist, an artist, of course, a tap dancer, and a virtual ball of explosive energy. For a list of his perfume and art-related accomplishments, check out his wiki osmography

He’s extremely generous with his time and knowledge and recently inaugurated a Patreon webcast, and you can join it at the level you are comfortable with. Rather than try to describe, I’ll list his descriptions of susbscription levels here:

Rather than try and describe his Patreon or rely on several-moments-ago info, here it all in Christophe's own words:


At least 1 "meaty" post per week. These can be videos or writings where I discuss my thoughts on anything and everything smelly. Explore ingredients and products, see exclusive photos in the lab or outside in the world, anecdotes and facts that might change your mind, hear things you don't find in books.

He once videographed a visit to our store and his take on our unique collection. Disclosure: Christophe does buy regularly ingredients from us.


All benefits from previous tier AND you can participate in a monthly Q&A. Once a month, you can submit a question;  I will answer as many as possible in 1 video a month. Looking forward to hearing from you!  


All benefits from previous tiers AND you will receive at least 1 scented artifact by mail per month. Usually 2-3 scented objects or mini sprays. Rhino Mail is the way to actually experience the art from yours truly. The items are usually items not found on the market or not easy to find. Many items are simply laboratory custom made perfumes or ingredients.

In his March 2022 Rhino Mail for instance, he decided to showcase a Manuka oil from our Enfleurage stock to illustrate plant-based leathery notes in perfumery. NSA.


All benefits from previous tiers AND you will receive 1 real formula per month. This is a true living, breathing piece that was part of an actual exhibition or is of a fragrance that is or was on the market.


All benefits from previous tiers AND 1 video or writing a month with an in-depth explanation, ingredient by ingredient, of the Eau de Real formula. This material is exclusive to you. The vocabulary is approachable whether you are an enthusiast, a student, or a professional. Topics covered may include ingredient choices and interactions between them, composition tricks, fit-to-concepts, unusual ingredients and much more.

Also from Christophe:

“It is obviously a blessing to work 2 blocks from Enfleurage. A reference go-to store for me to source ingredients from around the world without travel. Let Trygve and Tom do the travel for you. They know quality and remote corners of the world at the same level as the largest fragrance houses. I checked several times for myself, not a paid ad. Whether you want to smell more after your Patreon sessions, or after taking a class at the Institute of Art and Olfaction or to see through the smoked screens of the spritzers in the department stores.

Furthermore: Announcing today that Diane Saint Clair and I are preparing some private classes, custom made for fans, perfume connoisseurs and young composers for which you will need more natural ingredients as well. Enfleurage will be one of the reference stores so we, teachers and students, can talk about the same quality references.”

I don’t need to explain just how valuable this information is and what a great deal it is, for all interested perfumers and scent mavens. This is a must for any perfume mavens, students, enthusiasts, fanatics, or aroma geeks of any capacity. That's very kind of you, Christophe! Thank you so much!

We do not offer this subscription, at Enfleurage; we are just pointing the way. Please visit his Patreon

Photo courtesy of T. Harris/Enfleurage Private Collection/Grasse