New Beginnings

Welcome to our new website! It should be up some time after Black Friday 2021, and we've been doing COVID for just under two years. That should orient us. The new website will be easier and more concise yet also giving more information, and ideas. Thanks for your patience! We have never been very slick and corporate in our presentation, as our concentration has been the essential oils themselves. We are updating our approach though--our lives are different both from the pandemic and also increased internet availability throughout the world. 

When we first opened, in the 1990's, Enfleurage was strictly brick and mortar. Most orders from outside the actual store came by telephone, a few emails, and actual letters! Our hours were insane: 12-12 7 days a week. We had to. When I became interested in a source for essential oils, it usually started with an introduction, letters, (postal), occasionally emails, depending on the country, and then I would go off into the space for a month or two so see what it was about. Now that seems hard to imagine, even for me.

Here we are now at the end of 2021--next year will be Enfleurage's 25th anniversary in the village! Our Frankincense distillery (Enfleurage Middle East) hit the 10 year mark this year, in Oman. We are doing well, and supplying some very interesting clients.

We've also got some new and exciting projects coming up--we'll let you know as soon as we can.