Frankincense DIY Update

Frankincense has a special place in our hearts, as you probably know. And our Omani distillery continues to function, as it has throughout almost the entire pandemic.

In fact, we continued to produce our excellent essential oil all the way through Covid with very few interruptions.

I have updated the distillery website, and we have more than essential oil!

We also have the spent biomass, with boswellic acids, and concentrate. We also have large amounts of hydrosol if you are in Dubai, or Oman.

If you are DIYing it, and interested in some production of your own, have a look at Enfleurage Middle East, and some of our frankincense derived products. We have spent biomass, which have the volatiles distilled out but still contain the heavier constituents, like Boswellic Acids.

Small (1 lb) sizes of this powder are available to purchase from the store, and you can experiment for yourself and see what the possibilities are. This is available from Oman as both powder and chunks, which as slightly cheaper. We also have the concentrate, available at the store, for retail sales. You can read all about them on our two websites   distillery   store

Please understand that we are not providing recipes---we have tested the spent biomass and it contains Boswellic Acids. We have tested the concentrate, and it also contains Boswellic Acids. We are too few and with not enough space to turn our biomass production into something separate, living and amazing. But maybe we can provide an unusual aromatic for someone else to create something fabulous.

So the sky is the limit as far as I’m concerned….