Fast Shipping Once Again, and Back to 7 Days!

As we slowly come out from under pandemic restrictions and shortages, we are pleased to announce that we are now open 7 days a week again, from 11-6. That means we are also back to our quick turnaround on shipping. All domestic shipments have a choice online of USPS or UPS, and trackable.

Essential oils are generally considered flammable liquids. Any size over 30 ml needs to be packed according to Dangerous Goods (DG) specifications by a certified shipper, which we are.

For larger sizes, which means frankincense kilos, or frankincense/myrrh codistillation kilos, how we pack an order depends on how its shipped and where it’s going. Ground shipping is unaffected—it’s not considered DG. Air shipping is, though; we have to go through several steps to ship our frankincense kilos internationally. Here at Enfleurage, we are certified to ship DG, world-wide. And all of our international orders ship Fedex Economy.

If you are buying our frankincense essential oil kilos, and you don’t live in the continental US, your order will need to go DG. To get a shipping quote, we will need your order, and all your shipping information, including country, postal code, etc,. Rates are generally good for a reasonable amount of time, not forever. But they are competitive rates. Email for your order info so we can check your rate.

For all other orders, essential oils in 30 ml and under, all vegetable and nut oils, body care, hydrosols, there is no DG required as these products are not considered flammable.