Essential oils and open heart surgery.

Essential oils and open heart surgery.

Essential oils and open heart surgery.

Essential oils and open heart surgery.

Posted by Trygve Sahar Harris on 2nd Apr 2023

Essential oils and open heart surgery.

Yes you read that right.

I’m coming off a mitral valve replacement with a hefty side of pulmonary hypertension.

It’s my 4th day in ICU and it looks like there will be a few more before I move to the actual hospital room.

I asked for my friend to bring the essential oil kit I’d packed in advance. Not sure if American hospitals would put up with essential oil but it’s fine here.

If you or someone you love is doing a surgery like this, and they want their oils, I can relate my experience.

But first let me say that these oils will be used in a room, lightly, as an ambience, they are in no way to be used in any way on patient, and take it easy with application.

I used an aroma stone and a tissue

The first night I put a few drops of our frankincense on a tissue and left it. The next night I placed a few drops (like 3) of eucalyptus on the tissue and put it in the back of the room. Eucalyptus has a lung affinity, and I like its quiet command of the space, especially so minimally. Eucalyptus can oversee the space; it’s not even important if you can smell him or not. But, to me, he should be governing it all.

Remember there are other patients and they might not fine the comfort you do, so take it easy.

In the aromastone I placed 3 drops of Citrus Cheer and left it by the bedside. I refreshed it a few hours later and then refreshed with 2 drops of lavender fine a couple of hours ago.We are talking subconscious usage here.

I used a part of a drop of Sri Lanka sandalwood on my forehead and followed with a teeny drop of rose otto. I’m sure everyone knows the heart affinity rose expresses and also the grounding of sandalwood. Remember I am not saying to apply these oils directly, but if it’s you, an essential oil enthusiast, and not someone you’re trying help, then maybe try these.

I held back thyme thyuanol and rosemary verbenon for the room, of the bathroom. Thyme Thuyanol is a lot softer and prettier than thyme..I might switch it with the eucalyptus tomorrow but I don’t know, I like the eucalyptus being in charge. I don’t know if I will use the rosemary verbenon. It will depend entire on my feeling.

I also have bergamot and wild orange, and jasmine sambac, in case they are needed.

I brought a pommade with me so I could use it on my hands immediately.

And I have rosewater to mist on my face.

To all the people who listen to all the magical things essential oils supposedly do, and all the claims of various ailments healed by them, eventually the question we get is “what’s it good for?” And “what does it do”?

This, to me, is absolute balderdash. While some oils are obviously known for the anti fungal action, or whatever, this is not that. Essential oils don’t have to do anything but express their affinity and guide the subtle effects of a space.

So, once again, the list:


Eucalyptus blue mallee (you could substitute smithii or radiata)

Lavender fine


Jasmine sambac


Wild orange


Citrus Cheer (blend)

Thyme thuyanol

Rosemary verbenon

Rose otto



Box of tissues

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