Citrus Cheer Everything!

Our first blend, or one of the first, anyway, originally created in 1996, Citrus Cheer is as perfect as it gets.

A mélange of pressed essential oils from various citrus peels, plus orange blossom (neroli) and jasmine sambac (mogra.) it’s the reason this is our most swoonable, most popular blend. Especially now, as we struggle back from covid, with all the looming and occurring disasters, there’s a real necessity for self-care and any little step we can make towards feeling good, and improving our mood, and lifting our spirits. Remember, if you feel happier, you will spread that to others, and…… takes a village.

So there’s a real reason Citrus Cheer is perfect, especially for this time and place!

We have made a whole range of Citrus Cheer accompaniments:

The house blend purely on its own undiluted in 5, or 10 or 30 ml—for use in a room diffuser, or vaporizer, a spray bottle, to add to a base oil, or washcloth, or whatever you like.

Shower gel—our Enfleurage shower gel, made mostly with organically farmed ingredients

Body Lotion—our own Enfleurage body lotion, made with mostly organically farmed ingredients, and yes, we’ve made this stay-on-the-skin product with bergaptene-free bergamot!

Roll-on- Our most mature and delicious Citrus Cheer blend, in a base of jojoba (all ingredients grown under organic conditions.) You can keep it in your backpack, your purse or your pocket, ready anytime and anywhere.

Soap—this is bar soap, and we are making them ourselves. The Citrus/Jasmine/Orange Blossom fragrance is strong and wonderful. Whether as a shower soap, or just for your hands, it’s a pleasure to use and completely delightful to lather up with our Citrus Cheer bar. This is basically our “beta release” soap, and we might make a fancier one in the future. This soap is absolutely magnificent.

We just put these on the website--without photos yet, so pop over and visit us--we are open 7 days again 11-6, and centrally located, on West 13, between 7th and 8th. Our tester board is open, and we are fully functional!

Photo courtesy of T. Harris/Enfleurage Private Collection/Ojai