You may have noticed that we don’t post the commonly seen “recipes for relaxation” and the other usual fare. Let me explain why as best as I can.

We are totally into therapeutic uses for essential oils. In fact, most of us were trained in aromatherapy long ago. But this isn’t our focus. Over the years, we have found our true inspiration in the botanicals themselves. We all have our opinions, our go-to oils, all favorites for whatever occasion presents itself.

The way I see it, it’s a question of jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. To truly understand something, you’ve got to specialize in it. And we specialize in quality, in understanding the terroir, in finding the most exquisite distillations, the most delightful notes, and the most ornery distillers. We specialize in frankincense, and have our own frankincense distillery in Oman. We specialize where our passions lay.

We do periodically have classes, but these will again follow the passions of those teaching, whether it’s an exploration of conifers, or a walk through the Brooklyn botanical garden. We are not going to offer an aromatherapy course, and, even more importantly, we are not going to make promises where your health is concerned.

Honestly, while there are some excellent aromatherapy courses out there, and knowledgeable teachers, there’s also a lot of hype and crap. Looking for aromatherapy education? You’ll find what you’re looking for, with a little time and patience. Here's a link to my favorite aromatherapy guide, by Salvatore Battaglia The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy

Another thing to consider, is the litigious nature of our society. This got more intense with the growth of MLM essential oil companies, and widespread use of such treatments as “raindrop therapy.” We want no part of it.

Thus we leave it up to you. Maybe you just love lavender. That’s cool. Maybe you use essential oils in your day to day life and they make you happy. We relate. Maybe you run a hospital clinic that uses essential oils and you need to make sure the quality is there. Perfect. Maybe you are a perfumer, or therapist, formulating a product range, or teaching aromatherapy. Awesome. We are here to ensure the sparkle in your jasmine, the pure desert light of your frankincense, the ethical extraction of your sandalwood. We specialize in quality, that’s it.

And we must be doing something right, for this November will be our 25th anniversary! Yes, it's 25 years since we opened on Bleecker Street, with the name Enfleurage, and we’ve been specializing in essential oils and absolutes since then.