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Amyris balsamifera 

Farmed in West Indies, usually Hispaniola, and steam distilled from the wood of a small evergreen tree in the Rutaceae family. It's related to citrus

The wood is dense and packed with essential oils, so it burns hot and bright, and has traditionally been used as a torch by fishermen, which accounts for it's other name, torchwood.

That information not withstanding, amyris is supposed to make good furniture wood. Amyris is sometimes called "West Indies Sandalwood" but they are not the same. It can, however, be used as an aromatic helper for sandalwood.

The Mask and the Meniscus
A Poem By Xiaoyuan Yin

O flourishing container of vicissitudes, nonwettable
By years leaking away. When you dived underneath,
A train of glimmering fluffy bubbles rose
Beneath your wings. Silvery, jasmine-white

When you fortuitously surfaced.
Though the narrow corridor, torrential fate took lead.
The meniscus, a concave one,
Weighed upon by breezes and rays of light,
While Amyris balsamifera, convex, a critical moment
Before Cambrian Explosion took place.

‘Surface tension is the will to withstand time and tide.'
When its value greater than self-healing ability (The Resilience) within,
Our faces become masks.

Arctander says:

Amyris is a viscous liquid of pale to brownish yellow color. The odor is faintly woody, not dry. The scent is  slightly oily-sweet, balsamic, warm, sweet-woody, with vanilla and benzoin overtones. Sometimes there is a peppery topnote.   Amyris is soft and pleasant, with a friendly little rosy back-note. It's tenacious and lasting, but will lose the rich complexity fading into a woody balsamic note. It acts as a fixative and a reasonable addition to an aromatic base.

Main constituents are valerianol, elemol, gamma-eudesmol.

It blends well with lavandin, oakmoss, citronella, geranium, American cedar, atlas cedar, galbanum, elemi, frankincense, lavender and spruce. 

Safety Warning

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2 Reviews

Denise 25th Mar 2021


Just used this in one of my blends ,for spritzer ,it was a little sharper than I expected but did blend nicely with Jasmine and Patchouli ,frankincense ,I will def be using it in my perfume blends as well.

Rosemary 12th Jan 2021


Amyris is a curious and very beautiful oil. It has a slight sandalwood scent but also a touch of sweetness (not floral though). It is a wonderful base note that blends well with citrus and woody oils. It is truly lovely.

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