Green Frankincense Resin 1 oz

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Frankincense Resin (Howjary)

Boswellia sacra

This frankincense resin is from Southern Oman. It's traditionally smoldered on charcoal and the smoke cleans the air, clears the energy, repels insects, covers cooking smells, and freshens clothers and hair.


2 Reviews

Nancy K 24th Aug 2021

Perfect!! LOVE IT

This product is so good.. My animals and I LOVE the smell..

Ashley 3rd Dec 2020


With products like this that can be subject to overuse int he mainstream, I love coming to Enfleurage, yes for the quality, and also for the peace of mind that they will have set about exploring the most sustainable way to create it. As with all their products it is far above and beyond the alternatives.

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