Fir, Douglas

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Douglas Fir Essential Oil

Distilled from the needles of wild harvested Pseudotsuga menziesil in New Zealand. As usual for firs, respiratory, and muscle strain are the first things that come to mind. This Douglas fir is sweeter and quite a bit different from the other firs.

Product Information

Pseudotsuga menziesil

Distilled in New Zealand

Arctander refers to this tree as "Oregon fir Balsam" in case you're wondering. He describes is as "a pale yellowish or almost water-white, liquid of a very rich, woody-balsamic, sweet pine needle type odor." He goes on to say that it's superior, olfaction-wise, to other firs, and is well used in construction of an artifical pine needle scent and then goes on to say that it's very rare adn will "never" be distilled on a large scale. (1960)

Safety Warning

As with most essential oils, dilute before using on skin. Perform a patch-test before use if essential oil sensitivity is known.

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