Since 1997, we have been New York’s first and only shop specializing in aromatics from the natural world: essential oils, absolutes and enfleurages. We do not carry synthetics of any kind, in any of our products. In addition to volatile aromatic oils, we offer a carefully curated selection of vegetable and nut oils, hydrosols, and our own range of all-botanical perfumes, skin and hair care, roll-ons to-go, raw incense, hand sanitizer and our new frankincense candles.

Most of our essential oils are sourced from small, artisanal distilleries throughout the world, usually where the plants are happiest growing. The concept of terroir takes the natural planetary variables into account—atmosphere, soil composition, elevation, water table, etc. The earth, as an organic being, moves and breathes with the cosmos, and every square metre of the earth’s tapestry has slight variations. In a larger sense, micro-climates, elevation, soil and air, energy from the sun and moon, rootstock, local cultivation practices, geography, mineral nutrition, water supply, topography, and the like, all influence every living thing growing. Terroir explains the relationship between the scent and taste of a food, wine or essential oil, and its geographic origin. 

We’re totally into this.