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Artemisia californica EO - California sagebrush.
The monoterpenoids found in A. californica are powerful pain relievers. A traditional Liniment for use in pain patients is described here. The liniment is easily used by topical application and can be used in any clinical setting. Relief of pain is rapid, usually within 20 minutes and can last 2–3 hours even in severe pain patients. Reapplication of the liniment results in successful pain therapy in most patients. The alcoholic liniment is made from Artemisia californica (A. californica) by Native Californians. Traditionally, the liniment was made from A. californica and bear grease or whale oil. (The Use of California Sagebrush (A. californica) Liniment to Control Pain - James D. Adams, Jr.)
A recent study of the chemistry of A. californica found 15 monoterpenoids: camphene, mentha-diene, β-pinene, eucalyptol, isopropenylmethylcyclohexanol, trimethylheptadienol, isopropylmethyl-bicyclohexanol, thujanone, thujone, chrysanthenone, camphor, borneol, carene, menthenol and menthadienol. - (Antinociceptive Activity of A. californica J. Pharmacogn. Phytother. 2012)
Artemisia is known to expel parasites, support respiratory health, and soothe skin irritations. Native Americans used Artemisia californica for various ailments like colds, coughs, and tuberculosis.

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